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Oxygen Free Copper C10100 Rod Suppliers In Pune, India

Essentially oxygen free copper is a metal, which has a copper purity of about 99.99%. The content of oxygen present in the metal, as noted by most Oxygen Free Copper Wire Suppliers is approximately valued at 0.0005%. Grade A10100 is a metal that has been completed to its final form in an environment that is not only carefully regulated but is also free of oxygen. With a minimum IACS conductivity rating of 101%, Oxygen Free Copper Rod Suppliers In Mumbai recognize other characteristics of the metals including high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, High ductility, as well as low volatility under high vacuum.One of the more expensive metal grades, this Oxygen-Free Electronic metal is also referred to as OFE by Oxygen Free (Ofhc & Ofe) Copper Supplier. On the other hand, grade C10200 is referred to as either Oxygen-Free or OFWith a minimum IACS conductivity rating as  100%, the Ofe Copper C10200 Wire has an oxygen content rounding out to about 0.001%, whereas the content of copper stands at a purity of about 99.95%. For the sake of the calculation of its purity percentage, the presence of trace contents of silver in the Oxygen-free High Conductivity Copper(Ofhc), may be considered as copper.Generally, these wrought grade high conductivity copper alloys tend to undergo an electrolytic refining process. This electrolytic refining process, when subjected to the Copper Ofe C10100 Wire aids in reducing the level of oxygen in the alloy, and retaining a high level of purity in the copper.

C10200 Oxygen Free Copper (CDA 102) Specification

End ProductSpecification
Bands, Projectile RotatingMILITARY MIL-B-20292, MIL-B-18907
BarAMS 4602, ASME SB152, SB133, ASTM B152, SAE J463, J461
Bar, BusASTM B187, SAE J463, J461
Brazing Filler MetalFEDERAL QQ-B-650
FittingsASME B16.22
Foil, Printed CircuitsASTM B451
NipplesASTM B687
PipeASME SB42, ASTM B698, B42
Pipe, BusASTM B188
PlateAMS 4501, ASME SB152, ASTM B152, SAE J463, J461
Plate, CladASTM B432
RodAMS 4602, ASME SB152, ASTM B152, SAE J463, J461
Rod, BusASTM B187
ShapesAMS 4602, SAE J461, J463
Shapes, BusASTM B187
SheetAMS 4501, ASME SB152, ASTM B152, SAE J461, J463
Sheet, CladASTM B506
Sheet, Printed CircuitsASTM B451
StripAMS 4501, ASME SB152, ASTM B152, SAE J461, J463
Strip, CladASTM B506
Strip, Printed CircuitsASTM B451
TubeASTM B698
Tube, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field ServiceSAE J461, J463
Tube, BusASTM B188
Tube, CoilsASTM B743
Tube, CondenserASME SB111, ASTM B111
Tube, FinnedASME SB359, ASTM B359
Tube, Rectangular WaveguideASTM B372, MILITARY MIL-W-85
Tube, SeamlessASME SB75, ASTM B641, B75, MILITARY MIL-T-24107
Tube, Seamless Bright AnnealedASTM B68
Tube, Seamless for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field ServiceSAE J461, J463
Tube, Seamless for Torpedo UseMILITARY MIL-T-3235
Tube, U-BendASME SB395, ASTM B395
Tube, WeldedASTM B716, B641, B447, MILITARY MIL-T-24107, SAE J461, J463
Tube, Welded for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration ServiceASTM B640
Wire, Coated With Lead AlloyASTM B189
Wire, Coated With NickelASTM B355
Wire, Coated With SilverASTM B298
Wire, Coated With TinASTM B33, B246
Wire, FlatASTM B272
Wire, Hard DrawnASTM B1, FEDERAL QQ-W-343
Wire, Medium-Hard DrawnASTM B2, FEDERAL QQ-W-343
Wire, MetallizingMILITARY MIL-W-6712
Wire, SoftAMS 4701, ASTM B3, B738, B48, F9, FEDERAL QQ-W-343
Wire, StrandedASTM B8, B174, B470, B172, B173, B286, B496, B226, FEDERAL QQ-B-575

Chemical Composition Of C10200 Oxygen Free Copper

Min/Max99.95 min0.001

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